Eco-Chaplaincy Resources

Random Kindness Resources:

Random Kindness and Senseless Acts of Beauty
One-page Broadside Edition

Archbishop Desmond Tutu’s Preface to the Random Kindness book 

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book, please visit

The Seven Challenges Workbook
Cooperative Communication Skills for Success at Home and at Workbook


The Seven Challenges – One Page Summary
Includes the Conflict Emergency Kit

Building Transformational Teams of Two

Prayer Evolving
Five Personal Explorations into the Future of Prayer

1. Prayers Within the Heart of God — Intro and Chapter 1
2. Steps Toward a Theology of Continuing Incarnation
3. Thoughts on the Life of Blessing
4. An Ecology of Devotion
5. Darshan is to Bless with Eyes and Heart
6. Epilogue: A Prayer of St. Francis of the Allegorian Galaxy
ENTIRE BOOK — Download Free PDF Edition (one large file — 3MB)

Five Wings of the Heart
A Vision of Eco-Spirituality, Creative Resilience & Compassionate Resistance

Earth Prayers
365 Prayers, Poems, and Invocations from Around the World
By Elias Amidon, Elizabeth Roberts
Celebrates Earth as the vessel that bears us and acknowledges that we bear a great responsibility to care for her.